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What is Business Process Automation (BPA)? The Ultimate Guide

What Is Business Process Automation (BPA)?

Business Process Automation (BPA) software help organizations automate planning operations, sales tasks, customer relationship management, and recurring business transactions. Business processes can include multiple activities including customer purchase order management, invoicing, loan application approval workflow management, financial services, and many more processes. Benefits of business process automation include increased productivity, reduced error rates, insight into process success and failures, and higher revenues.

BPA is often confused with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The latter handles individual tasks that mimic human interaction while the former streamline critical processes and helps users manage multiple tasks on a centralized dashboard.

Business Process Management (BPM) solutions mainly help managers:
  • Centralize work processes as per company policies
  • Organize and execute strategies
  • Enable employees by automating regular tasks with complete management on their activities
A few examples and use cases of business process automation (BPA) software are:
Hiring and Employee On-Boarding Process

Using process automation, hiring managers can automatically filter and sort the most suitable job applications for the open roles and review relevant candidatures. Teams can create new employee IDs and streamline operations by automating the complete onboarding process.

Vendor Management

In order to function well, organizations require multiple applications such as Core Business Applications like SAP/ Oracle Financials, CRM, etc. BPA software combines multiple applications on a single platform allowing administrators to standardize processes and workflows for a complete vendor management process including Purchase Order processing – CAPEX/ OPEX procurement cycle, account receivables, and account payables, with the maker-checker process to enable a split-screen option to view the documents stored and verify the data entered during quick-data entry process by the checker and enter the balance data centrally.

Other examples include claim processing, auditing, performance management, credit/ pricing, approvals, repair/ maintenance tracking, IT support ticket automation, and contract management, etc.

Benefits of Business Process Automation Solutions
Clarity across Processes

Automating processes requires clarity at the base level. Streamlining workflows helps operators create and automate smooth workflows, which in turn serve as a training resource for employees.

Digital Transformation

Digitization of work processes makes employees accountable for every task, which in turn, helps ensure compliance across work processes in the organization. Additionally, digital transformation helps businesses identify the need for course correction and enhance existing processes.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The goal of every organization is to satisfy and retain customers. In order to build customer trust, it is important to attain all the set targets. This can only be achieved with operational excellence in place via automated workflows. Happy customers will make the company a great success by honoring their commitments and resolving their grievances if any.

Compliant Records

Due to digitization and automation of processes, details regarding every task and movement are recorded and stored in a centralized repository to ensure compliance in accordance with the predefined policies. BPA processes the complete security of data and maintains 100% audit trails of all the activities.

In A Nutshell

BPA solutions help in streamlining businesses’ workflows with complete business logic and the work steps required with a complete approval mechanism with triggers, notifications, and early warning alerts to all stakeholders concerned. Administrators can measure results at any given stage with complete control over turn-around-time (TAT) to complete all the required activities within the acceptable time limits and accordingly achieve long-term plans as per schedule enabling the organization to improve the workforce productivity and get a good ROI.

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