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A Leading SME lending player achieved 3X Loan Portfolio Growth with a 70% Faster Document Retrieval and Rapid Disbursement process


    The case study reveals how innovative solutions, specifically document-intensive SME lending processes, ushered in a new era of operational excellence and customer-centricity, reshaping the bank’s SME lending landscape. Our partnership with Asia’s largest bank brought transformative changes to enhance their SME lending operations and achieve remarkable milestones.

    About Client

    Our esteemed client, Asia’s largest and most reputable bank, stands as a trailblazer in the realm of financial services. With a strong foothold in SME lending, the bank is dedicated to serving the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. The bank’s visionresonates with adapting to evolving market demands while ensuring operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    Core Challenges

    One of Asia’s largest banks, specializing in SME lending, faced a series of operational challenges. These challenges encompassed high turnaround times for SME loan processes and document-intensive procedures. Additionally, the bank aimed to boost productivity, optimize SME lending operations, and enhance the customer experience through more efficient and timely service delivery.

Time TAT<br>

    Time TAT

    Document Intensive Processes

    Document Intensive Processes

    Lack of </br>Document Management

    Lack of
    Document Management



Real-time KPI</br>

    Real-time KPI

    Lack <br/>


    Lack of <br/>
customer centric <br/>

    Lack of
    customer centric

    Absence of <br/>
BPMS Solution

    Absence of
    BPMS Solution

    The priorities we set for

    CX Enhancement

    Seamless Process Integration

    Seamless Process Integration

    We first focused on integrating the bank's SME lending processes by uniting frontend and back-end functions through our comprehensive BPMS solution. This approach enabled real-time data sharing, minimized bottlenecks, and eliminated manual handoffs for a holistic view of the lending process.

    Advanced Document Management

    Advanced Document Management

    Our solution is centered on automating document collection, digitization, and archiving. This advanced system streamlined KYC processes, enhanced accuracy, and facilitated seamless document retrieval, accelerating loan processing and enriching the customer experience.

    Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

    Real-time Monitoring and Reporting

    We integrated real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling the bank to monitor essential key performance indicators (KPIs), gauge process efficiency, and drive databacked decisions. This facilitates process optimization and the resolution of operational hurdles.

    Key statistics achieved

    by the lending player

    0 %
    TAT Reduction
    0 %
    Improved Customer Experience(CX)
    0 %
    Document Accuracy
    0 X
    Increase in productivity
    0 %
    Document indexing and retrieval times
    0 %
    Reduction in Processing Cost
    0 %
    Compliance Adherence
    0 X
    Increase in Market Penetration

    Solution Proposed

    Document-intensive SME lending processes

    1. Comprehensive Process Streamlining

    Transformed the SME loan process end-to-end with ServoStreams. Comprehensive audit trails were integrated to ensure transparency and accountability.

    2. Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration

    Empowered stakeholders to collaboratively edit CAM or T&Cs sections with specialized controls. It allowed comments and annotations for better decisions.

    3. Optimized PDF Generation

    The system dynamically created variable-length PDFs tailored to industry needs, ensuring concise yet comprehensive documents for enhanced readability.

    4. Centralized Document Management

    Established a centralized system to track and monitor loan-related documents. This ensures streamlined access while mitigating the risk of data loss.

    5. Customer-Centric Interface

    Introduced a CX-centric interface, granting direct
    access to the loan process. This enabled customers to
    interact directly while minimizing intermediaries.

    6. Automated critical workflows

    Automating and streamlining workflows; eliminating
    bottlenecks, reducing manual intervention, and
    significantly accelerating loan processing times.

    7. Compliance and Audit Trail

    Integrated regulatory compliance and robust audit trails throughout the loan processing journey; ensuring transparency and traceability.

    The "Difference" we delivered

    Overcoming Obstacles
    for Enhanced CX

    Be Future-Ready, Today!

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