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With the ongoing process of Digitization, reduce your paper-based work and expect to have access to their important documents from anywhere and at any time.

Overview Of ServoDocs®

ServoDocs® is a leading-edge Document Management System (DMS) product that has the capability to archive, retrieve, and index documents, and provide fast search, independent of the size of the document repository. This product has been designed for delivering high performance and integrates with external systems through APIs.

ServoDocs® is useful for long-term archive-retrieve use cases as well as short-term transactional use cases. It helps transform digitized paper documents and electronic files into valuable knowledge assets for organizations that need to deal with unstructured documents for conducting business, as the system allows authorized access to the archived documents. This product also helps users maintain versions of the documents uploaded into the system.

Business applications like Lending Management System (LMS), Core Banking System (CBS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer On-boarding, Core Insurance, ERP, etc can be integrated with ServoDocsTM through APIs.

Advanced Features and Capabilities of ServoDocs®


Readily available APIs allow integration with any 3rd party applications


ServoDocs support multi-storage types in a single setup


Search on File, Folder and meta levels ensures instant retrieval.


Supports a high degree of parallel read/write operations that are faster than the traditional systems.


To adhere to stringent data security policies, documents are stored and transferred in encrypted format.


"Work anywhere, organize documents better, collaborate effectively, save time, and boost productivity.

Breakthrough results delivered across BFSI

Lowered TAT

Compliance & Security

Lessened Manpower

Integration Friendly

ServoDocs® – Document Management System

Trusted By Industry Leaders

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