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Terms Of Use

Servosys Solutions (A Unit of EML Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.) headquartered in New Delhi and hereinafter mentioned as “we”, “us”, “our” operates this website ( This website provides information about the company profile, its products, services and policies to its visitors/users and potential customers.

We have written contents on this page (Terms of Use) to inform our website visitors/users about the Terms of Use of the website –, or (Or hereafter ‘website’, Servosys or Servosys Solutions).

The term ‘Visitor/User’ or ‘Users/Visitors’ (also hereafter as “You” or “Your”) refers to those person, group of people, organization or anything in place of person (human-bot, robots or crawling software) who access this website or attempts to access this website by using any means for any purpose.

Disclaimer and Acknowledgement:

Our Terms of Use is subject to change or update which solely depends on our discretion.

Any content such as (but not limited to) information, images, product, services, videos, opinions, data, etc. available on this website or accessible through this website shall be governed by the Terms of Use.

Servosys uses, and publishes many of facts, data, opinion, analysis, and other reports from third party websites and companies to supplement information into various articles and paragraphs. So, for a decision such as one’s business plan, investment, etc.of visitors/users, Servosys will not be held accountable. Users are supposed to take such decisions on their own risk.

We also acknowledge visitors that we do not recommend and assure reliability and warranty, lure, or influence users’ decision about any third party content published on our website. You also cannot hold Servosys accountable for any factual inaccuracy, incorrect information, biased reporting, etc. by any third party through their content available on our website.

You also acknowledge and agree that for any of your loss (direct or indirect), Servosys neither will be held accountable nor can be asked for compensation.

Use, access, citation, reference, copying, downloading, etc. of any content (or any attempt to do so) comes under the ambit of Terms of Use and protected by copyright laws. You are strictly prohibited to use our content for any commercial purpose. You are also not allowed to share, use, curate, modify, reproduce, copy, download, sell, or license any content of this website. If visitors are not agreeing to Terms of Use, must leave the website and are not allowed to access the website.

You also hereby agree not to (or make any attempts to) disrupt, defame, hack, increase extra load on our website.

For various contents (such as blogs or reports), any opinion, views expressed either in a direct way or in an indirect way, Servosys hereby acknowledges that such views or opinions are not the official stand of the company rather the contributor’s.

Visitors are also not allowed to violate, infringe, or plagiarise the privacy policy, cookies policy, trademark, IPR rights, copyrights, Non-disclosure Agreements, etc. of Servosys and its stakeholders (such as customers, vendors, directors, employees, partners and so on).

Servosys also reserves the rights incase of the violation (which is based on our sole discretion) of Terms of Use, to cease the access of our website or contents of this website without prior informing or acknowledging the visitors.

At the moment when you acknowledge our Terms of Use you also hereby agree to our Privacy Policy (please read the privacy policy) and Cookies Policy (please read the Cookies Policy)

Publishing Policy:

We also publish content (blogs, articles, press release, customer opinion) on our website apart from various products, services, branch locations, like information and about other business activities. We also allow authorised (by Servosys) people (generally employees) to post blogs, case studies and their feedbacks on our website. For those contents, Servosys reserves the right to republish, redesign, omit, reproduce, modify, or use for any commercial purposes without paying or informing the concerned writer/publisher/contributor.

So, visitors are acknowledged that they must post or submit only the allowed content type on our website, and if they do agree with our Terms of Use.

We may or may not provide some interfaces to allow visitors to post their comment against a piece of content (such as blogs) available on our website.

So, visitors are strictly prohibited to:

  • Use any racist, obscene, harassing, threatening, and defamatory words or remarks to Servosys, abusive, illegal remarks or any word objectionable to the legal norms.
  • Posting of any content which they (visitor/user) have no IPR rights, copyrights or unauthorized to publish or share.
  • Reveal or infringe any other’s NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement), proprietary information, confidential documents, etc.
  • Share his/her own credentials (such as password) or attempt to access the same from other visitors.
  • Use any inaccurate identity to post content.
  • Advertise, running any campaign such as (but not limited to) political, social, cultural, environmental, religious on our website through comments, contents or by any possible means.
  • Undergoing any activity that harms, or threaten the interest (business and others) of our, our vendors, customers, employees or any of our stakeholders.

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