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Asset Reconstruction Company (ARC) Solution

In the fast-evolving financial landscape, Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) face unique challenges when it comes to managing non-performing assets and distressed debt. Thus, to help our players remain competitive and achieve sustainable growth, we have developed an agile and innovative solution to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize asset recovery.

Streamlining Recovery, Maximizing Returns

Explore Servosys ARC Solution

Servosys ARC solution is intelligently designed to expedite the lifecycle of distressed assets and efficiently manage the intricate complexities that ARCs encounter daily. By leveraging the power of intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and seamless integration, our solution is set to revolutionize the way ARCs operate and accelerate their journey towards achieving exceptional outcomes.

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Embracing All Fronts

Efficiently Navigate Distressed Assets

Streamlined Asset Recovery

Agile Workflows for Quick Decisions

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Our ARC Software Solution empowers leading players to deliver unparalleled experiences that resonate with today’s digitally empowered businesses.

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Transform the ARC
Experience with Servosys Solutions

Servosys bring forth agile and innovative BPMS solutions, empowering ARC organizations to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize asset recovery. Our collaborative approach helps organizations embrace a future-ready approach with ARC management by effectively overcoming distinctive hurdles in managing non-performing assets.

Do you know?

You can unlock 80% Reduction in NPA Processing Time with Advanced ARC BPMS


Reduction in NPA
Resolution Time


Increase in
Operational Efficiency


Manual Effort

Navigating NPA Challenges

the technology way

Embrace the future of ARC management with Servosys by your side and unlock the full potential of technology in tackling NPA complexities.



Servosys ARC BPMS is built on cutting-edge technologies; ensuring that it remains adaptable and scalable as market demands evolve.

API Integration

API Integration

Robust API integrations facility to easily connect with core banking systems, allowing enhance operational efficiency & data flow.



Low-code system approach allows rapid customization and effortless adaptation to evolving business needs without sacrificing the stability.



Microservices-based architecture, enabling modular and independent components to bring agility without disrupting the entire system.



ARC BPMS offers end-to-end process automation with debt recovery, minimizing manual interventions and improving turnaround time.

Advanced MIS

Advanced MIS

Advanced Management Information System (MIS) reporting to gain deeper insights with realtime analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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