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Cookies Policy

Website Cookies Policy

Servosys Solutions (A Unit of EML Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.) headquartered in New Delhi and hereinafter mentioned as “we”, “us”, “our”, operates this website ( which provides information about the company profile, its products, services and policies to its visitors/users and potential customers.

We have written contents on this page to inform our website visitors/users about our Cookies Policy in context of collection, storage, use, and disclosure of various data that we obtain from users/visitors to our website.

In addition, this page also discusses various aspects of tracking, monitoring, processing and sharing of visitors’ identity, behaviour and actions on our website, either directly by us or by using various third party applications (ad tools, promotional tools, analytic tools, etc.).

Our Cookie Policy is subject to change which solely depends on our discretion.

What is a Cookie?

Cookie is a text file that is downloaded to a visitor’s browser when he or she opens a website. It helps a website owner to keep track of visitors’ action, and behaviour which later, are used for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of services. It is also used for planning and manoeuvring of various business strategies to mitigate the functional and other fraudulent risks related to a website, products, services and others areas of business interests.

A website owner may send a cookie file as a unique tag to a visitor’s browser or mobile device. The sent file communicates with sender server and helps the server to identify that ‘information-requesting’ browser. Generally, a cookies file helps server to know information such as Internet Protocol Address, Location, Browsing Platform – Mobile/Tab, Session Duration, Number of Visits and Number of Visitors, etc.

It also communicates server about Name, Email ID, Contact Number and others if agreed by users with a third party apps, such as – if a user wishes to share his/her date of birth to a third party app- Facebook, then we may take this information from Facebook, If approved by Facebook.

A website may have two types of cookies:

Session Cookies: When a user open a website, session cookies are immediately sent to user’s browser and remain there unless the browser is closed. They are temporary in nature.

Persistence Cookies: They are not temporary in nature, they help the website to remember and identify a user when they visit next time. This helps in showing the same things (preferences, setting, etc.) as set by the user earlier, if they attempt to visit again. They are stored in a browser’s sub-folder and they can be deleted by the user by accessing those folders in their browser.

Our website may use cookies along with log files and web beacons- a code embedded in images, videos and other parts of the website which allow us or our third party applications to read your cookies.

We may also use various technologies (such as GPS or other integrated third party tools) to identify your location either directly by us or by our third party applications to further improve the services and tinker with our marketing and promotion strategies.

Please Read Before You Accept:

We advise our visitors to learn more about cookies and read the cookies policy of our third party applications – such as Google Analytics, prior to accepting any cookies policy.

We also ask our visitors to read and accept our privacy policy before surfing our website.

Raise Your Concerns:

A visitor may raise their concern related to our privacy and cookie policies to our Email ID: – inquiry@servosys but we request our customers who do not accept our cookies policy and/or privacy policy please leave our website.

A concern raised by visitors/users will be resolved by our executive ASAP but doing so is solely depend on our discretion.

Please note: We take adequate measures to safeguard various data and information of our visitors electronically and in other means possible, and we are supportive of the view to respect our visitors’ privacy and information security with highest priority. Nevertheless, to improve on various service delivery fronts, to offer personalized services and to continue our promotional activities, we intend to use visitors’ information.

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