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Digital CASA

Online Account Opening Software Solution

In today’s digital landscape, delivering seamless services to customers is crucial for staying competitive. At Servosys, we recognize modern customer expectations in banking and BFSI. Thus, we crafted an end-to-end digital account opening solution, automating processes, ensuring compliance, and prioritizing data security.

Gift your customers a

Frictionless Account Opening Experience

Modern banking system is all about an interactive customer experience. As the world undergoes a profound digital transformation, the BFSI industry is witnessing a parallel shift with customers’ approach to account opening. The “ease of interaction” through user-friendly and innovative tech-driven services will play a pivotal role in driving growth and expansion.

Embracing All Fronts

Serving Consumers and Businesses Alike

Seamless Onboarding Experience

Personalized Workflow

Advanced Document Management

Unified Platform for Diverse Use Cases

Our Online Account Opening Software Solution empowers leading players to deliver unparalleled banking services that resonate with today’s digitally empowered customers.

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Servosys, with decades of experience and profound BPMS expertise, knows what it takes to deliver an impeccable solution to enhance operational efficiency, reduce risk, and elevate the borrower experience- and all these by adhering to industry best practices and regulatory compliance standards.

Do you know?

75% of banks are transforming towards customer-focused business model to act in real-time.






Reduction in manual

Your Gateway to the

Forward Thinking Banking

Experience a seamless transition into the future of banking with our Online Account Opening Software Solution



Equipping leaders for tomorrow's challenges with future-ready features and functionalities, keeping you at the forefront of technology.

API Integration

API Integration

APIs facilitates seamless integration with core banking systems, creating a unified ecosystem that ensures efficient and secure data flow.



Low-code system approach allows rapid customization and effortless adaptation to evolving business needs without sacrificing the stability.



Microservice architecture breaks down the complex functionalities into into smaller, independent services, ensuring easier integration with existing systems.



Unlock the Potential of IndustrySpecific end-to-end Automation to Streamline Manual Account Opening Processes and experience faster TAT.

Advanced MIS

Advanced MIS

FAST Searching and MIS Feature to handle the burden of manual searches while efficiently monitoring key performance indicators.

An Efficient Bank Account Management Software For Operational Efficiency

A concrete and interactive customer experience majorly recognizes the modern banking landscape. The digital metamorphosis has led to enormous technological advancements, paving the way for modern techniques to elevate the work mechanism. A good bank account management software is best suited for reaching maximum efficiency. Whether it’s opening a new bank account or availing a loan from a financial institution, everything has become seamless with digital banking services, 

The Tech-Enabled Digital Account Opening Solutions

If you are still relying on obsolete methods for account opening, the current industrial standards can be incredibly challenging for your business. The slow and lengthy process is overtaken by digital account opening solutions. These solutions empower your organization to cater to and serve unmatchable banking services that align with the modern requirements of digitally advanced customers. Deploy the latest technology to ace the industrial standards.

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