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Achieve operational excellence by automating your processes of Claim Settlement, Policy Owner’s Servicing, etc. and reduce underwriting cycle time and TAT

Across the world, the Insurance Industry is undergoing a major digital transformation process. Besides their legacy problems out there, improving the customer satisfaction index, return on interest per policyholder, reducing the underwriting cycle time, higher TAT of claim operations, streamlining FNOL, and quickening customer onboarding processes are some challenges.

In this changing landscape, Servosys’s Business Process Management Suites – named ServoStreams and automation technologies have become a driving force in helping BFSIs to bring efficiency and transparency, reducing operational costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

Empower Insurance Processes

With Servosys Intelligent BPM Suite

Low Code

Low Code

Rapid application development with minimal coding, reducing development time and costs.

Solution in the Box

Solution in the Box

Pre-configured frameworks and ready-to-deploy solutions, ensuring quick implementation and seamless integration with existing systems.

AI Led products &

AI Led products & solutions

Harnessing the power of AI to deliver predictive insights, automate tasks, and optimize processes, driving efficiency and improved decision-making

Intelligent STPs
with Inbuilt BRE

Intelligent STPs with Inbuilt BRE

Streamlining Straight- hrough Processing (STP) with built-in Business Rules Engine (BRE), reducing manual intervention, enhancing accuracy, and ensuring compliance.

Handshake with
Futuristic Technologies

Handshake with Futuristic Technologies

Embracing emerging technologies and integrating them seamlessly into solutions, future- proofing businesses and enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

Solutions that we offer

to Insurance Industry

Be Future-Ready, Today!

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