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TAT Lowered 90% – Now Bank Has The Biggest Portfolio In Asia Pacific

Gold Loan Automation For One Of Asia’s Largest Private Banks With The Fastest Processing Time Among APAC Nations.
The Client’s Story

“Gold Loan is one of our hottest products and our loan book has been growing at an impressive rate. Servosys has been our partner in the journey that makes us the largest bank in terms of our size of the loan book and operations spread across more than 4000 branches.”


This is a unique product for which all point solutions fail. Only a BPM-based solution is the answer for all changes that are required due to regulatory and business changes.

Typically the regulators have stricter norms for banks as compared to that non-banks when it comes to jewel or gold loans. Data validation according to regulatory norms can become very painful from a compliance perspective. Real-Time Dashboards are needed for achieving operational excellence.

Servosys BPM offers a unified User Interface for end-users on mobile and desktop and takes away the worries of the lenders from an integration perspective. Audit logs which are an inherent part of our system add to the power of productivity and MIS reporting. Auto-generation of forms or contracts is also done by the solution provided so that loans can be sanctioned very fast.

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