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76% of millennials prefer to apply for loans online

and how ServoStreams 7.0 improves touchpoints at each stage

Millennials, key players in today's economy, are not interested in trekking to bank to fulfil mountains of paperwork for a loan. They seek swift, convenient, and digital loan experiences on the move, steering clear of traditional bank settings and paperwork hassles.

ServoStreams 7.0, the BPM suite built for the millennial borrower, has made it possible for lenders to revolutionize every touchpoint of the online loan journey, empowering excellence in customer experience. .

How Millennials Expectations Shaping the Lending Industry?

Awareness & Research

80% of customers research online before contacting a lender

Application & Documentation

75% abandon applications due to complexity

Credit Evaluation & Decisioning

50% of customers find traditional processes opaque

Loan Agreement & Disbursement

20% of customers face delays due to manual tasks

— Servosys Solutions

How ServoStreams 7.0 enabling BFSI to transform the lending game?

ServoStreams 7.0 optimizes the loan application workflow, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

ServoStreams 7.0 makes it possible to provide a user-friendly interface accessible from various devices, enabling millennials to apply for loans anytime, anywhere.

Streamlined online applications with pre-filled forms and automated document verification, reducing errors by 30% and leading to 20% increase in loan application. 

ServoStreams automation enable lenders to deliver omnichannel experience with personalized loan recommendations with applicants, tailoring on-the-spot offerings based on preferences and financial profiles.

Take the first step towards lending excellence

Eliminate friction, simplify workflow from every touchpoint

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