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Low Code Digital Automation Platform: Leaving Behind the ‘Build Vs. Buy’ Debate

Low Code Digital Automation Platform: Leaving Behind the ‘Build Vs. Buy’ Debate

In the world of Business Process Automation, both – ‘Point Solutions’ and ‘Build from Scratch’ have their own merits and demerits. Until now without a low code digital automation platform, either ‘Point Solutions’ or ‘Build from Scratch’ has never been ‘fit for all needs’ for many enterprises. For that matter, it was quite pervasive that one’s personal preference (of one option over another) plays a significant role to let the organization choose one of the two options, whichever is tasted first.

For example, if ‘Point Solution’ for any organization cannot manage on the parameters such as the speed of implementation, ‘hardwired-ness’, accommodation of frequent ‘change-requests’ and ‘limited use cases’, and so on then, the quantum of frustration increases with this ‘Point Solution’ and this eventually leads to switch-over to the other options i,e.- ‘Build from Scratch’.

But, the plight hardly ends here with ‘Build from Scratch’. Even this solution also ends up with huge costs, longer delivery time, lower stability, and gradually decreasing flexibility over a period of time.

And, the debate starts here. During a typical debate, either the merits of these options or the demerits are compared against each other or sometimes – merit vs. demerits of one against another.

Ending The Debate With Low Code Automation Solutions

While the debate is still continued and the problem is still persistent as the fact remains that organizations cannot do away with either of them unless there is a new solution.

This means, the desirable solution basically requires characteristics such as faster implementations, higher flexibility, low code, higher stability, and so on.

And comfortably, with Servosys’s Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) – enterprises are able to get rid of this debate i,e. they have the best of these two.

Now, the old debate of ‘Build vs. Buy’ has lost its relevance for many organizations as the low code automation solutions from Servosys has delivered the best of both through an extremely different approach. It automates the document-based workflow using the low code digital automation platform within a few weeks with a lot of flexibility and in a cost-effective manner.

Additionally, Servosys is not only faster in meeting the change request requirements, but is also the fastest implementer.

In a Nutshell: Amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, business enterprises across the country have become more sensitive about the capabilities such as ‘speed of implementation’ and ‘flexibility of change’ of their existing software infrastructure, particularly where the workflows are part of their business solutions. Traditionally, people used to address such challenges through – ‘Point Solutions’ or ‘Build from Scratch’. But, these two systems have never been the ideal solution to fulfill the needs of business process automation. And, thereby – the third option offered by Servosys, i.e., low code digital automation platform to many banks and non-banks, combines BPMS and RPA (or Business Process Management Suite and Robotic Process Automation) has remarkably transformed the business processes. See the case studies.

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