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Redefining Loan Origination Experiences in Africa

At Servosys, we specialize in providing exceptional customer experiences through our advanced platform, ServoStreams 7.0. Our innovative solutions have transformed access to finance, simplifying the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free lending journey for individuals across Africa.

Recognized by Industry Players for Accelerated Digital Innovation


Our platform employs a low-code modular architecture, allowing for rapid development, customization, and easy maintenance.


We’ve designed our solution to seamlessly integrate with cloud services, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and efficient resource utilization.


Our platform supports APIs, enabling smooth integration with other systems, third-party services, and data sources.

100% Compliance

Our solution adheres to regulatory compliance, all relevant industry standards and legal requirements.

Key attributes

One-Stop Solution for Diverse Loan Cases

Loan Origination

  • Automated application processing
  • Instant pre-qualification
  • Dynamic application forms

Underwriting and Decisioning

  • Automated credit risk assessment
  • Real-time data integration
  • Rule-based decision engines

Loan Servicing

  • Automated agreement generation
  • Integration with payment systems
  • Dynamic repayment schedules

Compliance and Regulatory

  • Automated compliance checks
  • Generation of audit trails
  • Integration with regulatory databases

Customer Communication

  • Self-service portals
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Automated notification for pre-approved loans

Inbuilt DMS

  • Streamlined documents Handling
  • 3rd party API integration
  • Document Encryption, Versioning, Sharing & Collaboration

Solutions Built on

ServoStreams 7.0

Have a look at the solutions we’ve delivered for banks and NBFCs across the globe with Lending and Loan Origination Software.

Consumer Durable

SME Lending


Housing Loan

Personal Loan

Retail Loan

Corporate Lending

Vehicle Loan

Trusted by Global Players

AXIS Remove BG
Reliance Remove BG
L&T Finance

Success Stories

Explore the proven track record of success achieved by industry players with Servosys

85% Faster Loan Approvals

A leading bank achieved 90% reduction in Transaction Time, achieving seamless lending experience for both customers and internal stakeholders.

3X Increase in Loan Portfolio

A leading Microfinance Lending player achieved Substantial Increase in customer portfolio by streamlining onboarding and lending process.

Milestone of $1.5 Billion

A leading bank Achieved Faster Go To Market amid 80% improvement in customer satisfaction, faster processing and enhanced service quality.

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