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Business Process Management Software

Automating business processes and complex workflows for achieving competitive advantage in transaction time, productivity, differentiation, etc.

BPMS Overview


Exploit Multiple Technologies To Streamline Business Processes

The BPM Suite (Business Process Management Software) is a set of technology tools that enables complete end-to-end automation, streamlines processes, and allows continuous improvements to effect changes. The suite can use multiple technologies like RPA, AI, Mobile Imaging, DMS, Web Scanning, etc. leading to the capability that allows quick changes in an operational time without having to modify the code.

Exploit Multiple Technologies To Streamline Business Processes

Business Process Management Software is a set of tools, approaches, technology, and API framework that can be configured in such a way that users get one unified platform to execute a process by different users and communicate various internal and external business applications and services. Later, the same platform can be used to deploy multiple other processes in order to streamline and automate them as the BPM suite has already integrated will all the users and applications which are required to run and execute other business processes of that organization. Often systems like CBS (Core Banking System), EDMS, CIS (Core Insurance System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), etc. are integrated with BPMS-based solutions so that transfer of data/documents to/from can happen and be validated to execute a process.


Effectively Respond To Operational Challenges, Customers, And Market Trends

A BPM suite, by streamlining business processes, removes operational inefficiencies and makes life easy for all the stakeholders – sales, data entry, field agents, channel partners, and decision-makers. It helps in standardizing the process execution, increases the efficiency and productivity of the manpower, and reduces the TAT. With these benefits – standardization, speed, automation, single unified touch-points, etc. – businesses are able to serve their customers in a much faster way and respond to various business challenges arising due to any market disruptions.

With scalability and the scope of continuous improvement, the BPM suite enables businesses with ‘always-ready’ capability to take on their competitors, and additionally, it makes businesses effectively respond to market trends and fast-changing customer expectations.

Cut Cost, Increase Revenue & The Market Share With Modern BPMS

Modern BPM Suite (Business Process Management Software)  helps achieve objectives like reducing the TAT drastically for critical business processes, reducing manpower needs, aligning resources with the strategic direction of the enterprise, getting operational visibility, etc. Moreover, managing risks and meeting regulatory compliances, improving service quality all become very easy, leading to lower costs, an increase in revenues, and market share.


Why Do You Need Business Process Management Software

The BPM Suite (Business Process Management Software) is a set of technology tools that provides an environment for supporting the rapid development of business process applications and building ‘truly’ end-to-end automation solutions for addressing challenges such as speed of service delivery, the overall productivity of an organization, quality, compliance, KPI monitoring, scalability, and improvements. The BPM tools have the intrinsic ‘Low-Code’ power as the solution design is ‘model-based’ and leverages ‘reusable components that make building each successive process application as much as 20 times faster.

The Low-Code capabilities include Routing Rules, Document Generation (e.g. Sanction Letter, CAL, CAM, etc.), Scorecard Generation, Text Formatting, Document-based Mobile App Development, Dashboard-based Business Activity Monitoring, etc. BPMS also provides a canvas for integration capabilities with external systems such as CBS (Core Banking System), CIS (Core Insurance System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), etc. besides being a catalyst for easy adoption of emerging technologies like RPA, AI, ML, etc. within the automation solution design.

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Features & Components Of BPM Suite

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