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An unwavering commitment to industry excellence

Board of Directors

Ajay Agarwal
Chairman and Managing Director

Decade ago, we began with a vision: 'Ease lives, leverage tech.' Today at Servosys, we expedite global digital transformations for seamless operations and delightful customer experience.

Somina Agarwal
Co-Founder & Director

Guided by a shared vision, Somina Agarwal embodies commitment to innovation and excellence. With a profound dedication to our founding principle, she leads the company forward.

Dr. Sunita Gur
Co-Founder & Director

A renowned practitioner with years of experience. She is a serial entrepreneur who has established multiple businesses and steers customer care with the highest priority.

Our nearly 300+ employees, architects of excellence, at your service.

Executive Leadership

Visionaries at the helm: Our Executive Leadership guides with strategic brilliance and unwavering dedication.

Ajay agarwal - Servosys Solutions | Founder of Company | CEO, Chairman and Managing Director

Ajay Agarwal
Managing Director & CEO

With 20+ years of transformative leadership, we drive Digital Transformation in BFSI sector, prioritizing operational excellence and enhanced CX.

Pradeep Sinha
HOD Quality

With 40+ years in diverse industries, I specialize in quality management (TQM, ISO, CMMI), ensuring excellence in organizational standards.

Dushyant Kumar
Product Head, NBFC

Amid wealth of experience and sharp focus on product excellence, Dushyant is driving innovation and sustained success in the NBFC sector.

Laningiri N VP - Implementation

Laningiri N
Head of Delivery West-South

Laningiri N leads with a strategic focus on seamless implementation and client satisfaction, driving innovation for organizational success.

Shishir Bagla
Head of Sales

Shishir Bagla excels in Digital Transformation and Workflow Automation within BFSI sectors, solidifying his status as a distinguished industry success driver.

Amit Kumar - Head of marketing at Servosys Solutions

Amit Kumar
Head of Marketing

Responsible for driving high-value projects & delivering sustained results: in End-to-End Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Analyst & Industry Relations and Inside Sales.

Anuragh Singhal - Servosys Solutions

Anurag Singhal
Head of Product

Anuragh is a visionary leader in product development, marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment to delivering cutting-edge BPM solutions.

Trupti Patil
Head of Talent Acquisition

Trupti leadership in Talent Acquisition has been instrumental in fostering a productive workforce that propels organizational success.

Namrata Singh
Head of Human Resource

With 12+ years of experience, Namrata leads in talent management and fostering a culture of learning, trust, and respect in a workplace environment.

Abhishek Kumar
DGM-Accounts and Finance

Abhishek, with years of experience in Account and Finance, brings extensive expertise to financial management, ensuring the fiscal success of the organization.

Alok Gupta | Servosys Solutions

Alok Kumar Gupta
Head of Delivery North

With 24+ years in IT, specializing in Software Delivery & Program Management across BFSI, Manufacturing IT Services, and Legal sectors, adept in Agile methodology.

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